Meet Our Team

EiSMART is a registered charity, with teams focused on research and development, education, and representing EiSMART globally. Meet our team of Trustees, Professionals, Parents, and Expert Advisory Panel members below.

The EiSMART Management team is made up of five members.  Betty Hutchon and Dr Jane Moffat are the charity’s co-chairs, Sally Jary leads the Research initiatives, Sibylle Erdmann leads on Co-Production and Laurence Galland leads on Education and Content.
The broader EiSMART Foundation team is made up of 15 members, including parents who bring to the organisation their unique experiences and skills, as well as specialist paediatric physiotherapists, occupational therapists, neonatologists, psychotherapists, neurologists, speech and language therapists, nurses and doctors both from the neonatal intensive care unit and from the community.

We are fortunate to have the support of an Expert Advisory Panel whom we can call on for advice and guidance. Our expert panel members are all leaders in their fields and are international academics and researchers and practitioner experts in perinatal medicine and/or early intervention.

We also have a team of Project Volunteers who are always there to support and help us.
Ei SMART seeks to work closely with other organisations devoted to improving neurodevelopmental outcomes, such as BANNFU and BAPM.


Meet Our Advisory Panel

  • Jenny Carroll

  • Bobbi Pineda

    Occupational Therapy
  • Janet Cooper

    Speech and Language Therapy
  • Andrea Guzzetta

    Child neurology
  • Prof. Samantha Johnson

    Developmental Psychology
  • Prof. Neil Marlow

    Neonatal Medicine
  • Prof. Mijna Hadders-Algra

    Developmental neurology
  • Prof. Gillian Forrester

    Developmental psychology
  • Dr. Deanna Gibbs

    Occupational Therapy
  • Prof. Christa Einspieler

    Developmental Neurology
  • Amanda Richardson

    Special Educational Needs

Parents & Professionals