Leah Healy

Leah trained as a children’s nurse at Great Ormond Street Hospital achieving a BSC  (Hons) in children’s nursing in 2008. Following this Leah embarked in a career in neonatology and went on to work as a neonatal nurse at University College Hospital London for a number of years. Originally from South Wales, Leah returned home in 2013 and was seconded in 2014 to Southampton university to study for a MSC in advanced neonatal practice. Leah currently works as a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner at the Grange University Hospital in Newport, South Wales.

Following the premature birth of her own son in 2021. Leah became interested in the neuroplasticity of the brain and the importance of early intervention.
Leah implemented the EI SMART approach into the care of her own son and achieved results. She became a passionate advocate for the EI SMART approach in the NICU and post discharge and joined the EI SMART team in September 2023.
Leah collabrates with the education team at EI SMART by sharing her dual perspective with fellow health care professionals, highlighting the need for co-production & collaboration with parents  and using her experience with the EI SMART approach to demonstrate how the framework has improved the neurodevelopmental outcome of her son in the hope that it will also help improve the  outcomes of other babies across the country.