Our Vision & Mission

EiSMART is a uniquely collaborative approach, where professionals and parents work together to deliver therapies, and build a brighter future for neonates.

A Parent's Perspective...

“In the beginning of my NICU journey I cried every day. I felt powerless to help my baby, walled off behind an incubator. Stumbling upon EiSMART was like finding fresh air, after a long, dark time under water. The easy, practical activities let me unleash my love for my baby. Beginning to think about his needs within the Ei SMART framework helped me realise just how much I could do for my baby in that moment. Kangaroo Care; singing; reading: to be able to do something so immense, and so important for my son’s recovery, through something so simple… it’s so beautiful. In NICU, everything about those first weeks is different to how it should be. EiSMART reinforces the one thing that is the same: he is my son; I am his mother; I will heal him.”

– Parent of baby born at 24 weeks’ gestation

Did You Know....

  • 1 in 10 babies globally are born prematurely
  • 1 in 7 babies in the UK require NICU care
  • 100+ families introduced to EiSMART framework
  • 1000+ professionals introduced to EiSMART framework

Our Vision

Our vision is the global adoption of Ei SMART as the way of supporting infants with developmental challenges from birth onwards.

It is an approach where Sensory, Motor, Attention and Regulation, and Relationships, form part of every interaction and intervention. Together parents, therapists and health carers, seek to understand the lived experience of the infant and agree on interventions according to each child’s needs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to lead and transform the face of early intervention, so every infant with developmental challenges is supported using an Ei SMART approach, from birth for as long as support is needed.

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