Let These Stories Bring Hope To Your Journey

Five parents share every aspect of their preemie journey. From labour and NICU arrival; to NICU ward life; to the transition home; to practicing EI SMART at home: read our frank and honest accounts of life as a preemie parent.

EiSMART is invaluable for us and our baby

Like every parent in NICU, I would leave late each night exhausted, but was still unable to rest at home. Sleepless nights were spent reading Google articles far beyond my grasp, on every medical term I had heard that day. EiSMART helped me realise where I could make a real difference to my baby. It’s not in learning the medicine of ward doctors and nurses. It was in kangaroo care; in singing and reading; in breastfeeding and pumping. These simple things: they are not meaningless. These simple things: they are founded in hard evidence; they change the human brain. These simple things: they make a real difference.

– Parent of baby born at 24 weeks’ gestation

  • Read about the arrival of baby Alfie at 23 weeks, and Mummy, Anna’s, experience of NICU.

    We’re dedicated to finding causes and treatments to save babies 

  • For me, my becoming a mother commenced in 2009 with a 400-day stay in various London hospital units.

    Read about Sibylle’s experiences of becoming a mother, and turning points in that journey.

  • Read about Lauren’s experience of bringing her baby, born at 25 weeks’ gestation, home.

    The first time I picked up the prescription, the pharmacist looked completely shocked at the amount of medication I was collecting. 

  • My 26 weeker has just turned 9 years old. During those 9 years, we have both transformed. She has gone from being a critically ill infant with a poor prognosis to a marvellous, energetic young lady starting Year 4.

    Read Jane’s advice, from her perspective as a NICU parent and nearly-qualified doctor.

  • Read about Laurence’s experience of parenting, and volunteering with EiSMART.

    Miracles are made possible by people who adopt a growth mindset, always looking at what can be improved and using each other’s strengths.