Building A Brighter Future For High Risk Infants

EiSMART is an evidence based framework to give high risk babies the best start in life. We span all aspects of a child’s development: Sensory, Motor, Attention and Regulation, and Relationships. Professionals and parents work Together to support premature and sick infants from birth (Early Intervention).

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Study Days and  Ei SMART Implementation Workshops

The Ei SMART Framework – Foundation Training. This study day provides an in-depth introduction to the Ei SMART framework and is our Foundation level training before progressing to our advanced half days.

Dates for 2024 will be announced soon. Watch this space or subscribe to our newsletter for more information.

Giving Every High Risk Infant The Best Start In Life

EiSMART is a framework for improving developmental outcomes for high risk infants. It is an approach founded in research, which combines multiple disciplines, to address every aspect of development in premature and sick babies. EiSMART is a uniquely collaborative approach, where professionals and parents work Together to provide early and more effective interventions for infants and young children with developmental challenges. Click on the balls to learn more.

How We Help

We provide resources to support child development, and deliver training courses to support professional development. We collaborate on research to advance practice in early intervention, and we influence policy on the care of high risk infants.

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    Have been introduced to the EiSMART network

Invaluable For Us & Our Baby

“In the beginning of my NICU journey I cried every day. There is no other outlet for the hurt, the sadness, the fear – especially the fear – of giving birth so early. In NICU, everything about those first weeks is different to how it should be. You emerge from that darkness into an intense, overwhelming, medical world where you feel utterly helpless to do the most natural thing: care for your baby. Stumbling upon EiSMART was like finding fresh air, after a long, dark time under water. It helped me recover purpose; recover focus; recover the ability to care for my baby.”

– Parent of baby born at 24 weeks’ gestation