The EiSMART framework has five “threads”, or aspects of child development, that are intertwined and interrelated: sensory, motor, attention and regulation, and relationships, implemented together, by parents and professionals. Combinations of the EiSMART threads are needed to make interventions successful.

EiSMART recognizes the crucial role of parents as the main caregivers for effective early intervention. Partnership between parents and professionals to find shared solutions (“co-production”) is at the heart of EiSMART. Parents on the EiSMART team bring with them their life experience, as well as their individual skills and expertise.

Organisationally, co-production and parental wellbeing are our guiding principles. Parents are represented at all levels of our organisation, including the Board of Trustees and the Management team. Co-production is at the heart of how we are Together!

Personally, we pay attention to how we speak to, and about, each other. We provide opportunities for private conversations e.g. our parent group in the Management team. We acknowledge that everybody brings both knowledge and emotional insights.

Parents and professionals work together to fulfil the EiSMART commitment to babies: to be supported by a close-knit team, working seamlessly to see every infant fulfil his or her potential.

You can access free resources to support your child, including leaflets to support developmental play here.

We’ve compiled a list of useful contacts here.

Learn about the other threads of the EiSMART framework here.

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