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Upcoming Events

  • Early Intervention and Assessment for Infants and young children at high risk of neurodevelopmental problems – a practical and evidence-based approach*

    This course, which runs twice a year, provides a comprehensive overview of assessment and early intervention from birth to 12 months encompassing the Ei SMART approach.
    This course provides essential training for physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech and language therapists working with high-risk infants in the NICU and in the community during the first year of life. The emphasis is on early intervention therapists working together with parents to provide the most evidence based and effective interventions possible.
    To book a place on our Autumn/Winter training please click on the button or email

Past Events

  • Conference speaker event: APCP with CYPF RCOT at Institute of Child Health London

    EiSMART management board chairs, Dr Sibylle Erdman and Dr Betty Hutchon presented to a packed (pre lockdown!) lecture theatre of paediatric OTs and physios on the EiSMART approach.  This was one of the first EiSMART parent-therapist led presentations and it was enlightening for many of the attendees who had not encountered this new approach.

  • EiSMART Masterclass and Workshop

    EiSMART hosted a virtual Masterclass and Workshop for therapists, parents and professionals seeking to maximise the potential of babies with neurodevelopmental concerns. The expert-led Masterclass introduced the case for, and principles behind, the five-fold EiSMART approach. The Workshop was an opportunity to share and discuss the practical application of the EiSMART approach.

  • Conference speaker event: British Association of Neurodevelopmental Neonatal Follow up

    EiSMART was invited to join an internationally acclaimed line up of speakers for the launch and study day of BANNFU (British Association of Neurodevelopmental Neonatal Follow up), a subgroup of BAPM ( British Association of Perinatal Medicine), on 1 October 2021. This study day was attended by paediatricans, neonatalogists, psychologists, nurses and therapists, as well as parents and others involved in the follow up of high risk infants.
    This conference was considered by all to be a huge success and received excellent feedback and EiSMART was honoured to have been part of the BANNFU launch.