Dr Sally Jary

Dr Sally Jary is a Consultant Paediatric physiotherapist and has worked clinically in the field of paediatric neurodevelopment in both community and acute paediatric settings in the UK since 1990, specialising in neonatal intensive care and developmental follow up since 2000.  She was recently involved in developing the NICE guideline for the Developmental Follow up of the Preterm Infant.

She currently an honorary researcher at the University of Bristol and also works clinically as Consultant Lead for a transdisciplinary early intervention service for infants diagnosed with or at high risk of cerebral palsy at the Cerebral Palsy Cymru, Cardiff.

She assists on the EiSMART Early Assessment and Intervention Baby Course.

Academic Interests & Publications
Sally is a member of the Neonatal Neuroscience Group at University of Bristol.  Her work has focussed on evaluating developmental outcomes following severe perinatal brain injury and potential benefits of early neuroprotective interventions on early and school age outcomes.  This has resulted in several publications in peer reviewed Journals.