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FAQ’s for Parents

What Is EiSMART?

At EiSMART, we deliver a framework to give high risk babies the best start in life. We combine all aspects of a child’s development – Sensory, Motor, Attention and Regulation, and Relationships – to support premature and sick infants from birth (Early Intervention). Professionals and parents work Together to fulfil our mission.

What does EiSMART stand for?

Our name is derived from the components of our Early Intervention (Ei) framework, and our commitment to babies.

S – Sensory: to feel joy in touch and successfully interpret the world around them. 

M – Motor: to move and explore in a secure space.

A – Attention & Regulation: to learn how to sleep deeply, grow strong, play and feel connected.

R – Relationship: to be embraced with confidence and skill by their families.

T – Together: to be supported by a close-knit team of parents and professionals, working seamlessly to see them fulfil their potential.

How do I practice the EiSMART approach?

Learn more about the EiSMART framework here.

Access free resources to support your child’s development here , including play leaflets in 5+ languages, and webinars.

Join our Events to learn how to apply the EiSMART framework here.

Does the EiSMART approach work?

The EiSMART approach is founded in research, and practiced by parents and professionals. Hear about the impact directly from NICU families; read our Parent Testimonials here.

How else can I help my child?

We’ve compiled a list of useful resources and contacts here

If you cannot find what you are looking for, we are here to help – please Contact Us

How can I support EiSMART?

We are a non-profit organisation, supported entirely by volunteers. Your support will give high risk infants the best start in life, by using the EiSMART framework to support their development. You can help by donating, volunteering, or working with us – click here to learn more.