Nikki Shack

Nikki is a Clinical Specialist Children’s Physiotherapist with extensive clinical experience in early intervention for under two-year-olds at risk of developmental difficulties.  Nikki is a firm believer in the family being central to the success of early intervention. Nikki is based at the Royal Free Hospital and started the first Ei SMART developmental clinic in the UK which she co-runs with her OT colleague.  Nikki is also a clinical specialist in the Ponseti technique, treatment for Talipes Equinovarus (Clubfoot), working with families with their infants from two weeks old and applying the Ei SMART collaborative approach to ensure the successful outcome of the Ponseti treatment.

Nikki worked alongside Betty Hutchon for many years providing advice and support for the content of the Ei SMART developmental leaflets  “Helping my child learn through play.”